We love business.

Our superpower is management consulting.  We help executives identify what changes can have the greatest impact on their business, how to measure success – both in near-real-time and over the long haul – and how to instrument the business to capture that data.   

Sometimes this leads us to improvements in technology.  We are Salesforce and Decisions Partners. 

Why Salesforce?  Because everyone uses Salesforce, but few instrument it effectively to ensure pristine, reliable data (what management cares about) and to make day-to-day users more productive (what users care about).  We combine our management consulting expertise with a network of excellent development and implementation partners to deliver low-cost / high-impact solutions.

Why Decisions?  Because it’s hands-down the most flexible and most powerful no-code platform on Earth.  If you can develop it in C# or java, you can develop it in Decisions… at a significantly lower cost.  

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Our Principal Consultant

Chris Bugg

Chris Bugg is Measure Consulting’s Principal Consultant and owner, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A Navy veteran with an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Chris specializes in helping organizations raise their level of performance with close consulting, and where indicated, implement business applications and enterprise software efficiently. He has deep expertise in no-code solutions that streamline complex business processes and promote rapid adaptation to change.

Having served in a wide range of roles, from Navy fighter pilot to Vice President, Chris has a proven track record in driving growth and profitability across multiple sectors. He is also actively involved in community service with Rotary International and the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. Chris’s leadership has earned him recognition as both a top sales professional and a dedicated community leader.


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